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İrem Sefa Yayımlar
Personal Brand creator


My story

About me


I am İrem Sefa Yayımlar.

Under the brand name brandyMe, I am providing personal branding consultancy exclusively for women in Turkey for the first time.

I specialize in offering personal branding consultancy for women in the business world.

To date, I have worked with over a thousand women from more than 10 countries, including entrepreneurs, C-level executives, doctors, psychologists, dietitians, consultants, coaches, thought leaders, and professionals from various fields, helping them enhance their visibility and recognition in their respective domains.

I have also conducted personal branding workshops for corporate employees of companies such as Meta (Facebook), SAP, Akbank, Brisa, Koton, Boeing, and others.

I have completed the only ICF-approved Personal Branding Programs in the world, created by the globally renowned personal branding expert, William Arruda. These programs include "Certified Personal Branding Strategist," "Certified Digital Branding Strategist," and "360Reach Analyst," making me the only personal branding consultant in Turkey with this accreditation.

Furthermore, in 2022, I had the privilege of speaking at the World Marketing Summit, the largest marketing event in the world, hosted by Philip Kotler, widely recognized as the father of marketing, where I was one of the few experts invited to discuss Personal Branding.

My Personal Brand Promise

I combine my expertise in brand management and strategic marketing in the corporate world with my international experience in performance coaching to fulfill my greatest passion, which is 'unleashing the potential of women.' As the founder of brandyMe Personal Brand Consultancy, I empower ambitious women in the business world to create personal brands that showcase their unique value and leadership under the brandyMe umbrella, thereby increasing their visibility and recognition.

İrem sefa yayımlar personal branding

Before Personal Brand Consultancy...

I launched my career within the corporate realm, honing my expertise in strategic marketing and brand management over a span of 7+ years, collaborating with multinational entities like Pladis- Mc Vitie's and Godiva Company, Sabancı Group, and Tesco PLC. Ultimately, I held a pivotal leadership role overseeing one of Turkey's premier brands during my tenure at Pladis.

Subsequently, a profound shift in my professional aspirations occurred as I recognized my inclination to work directly with individuals, particularly women, rather than focusing on corporate brands. Motivated by my determination to specialize in empowering individuals in elevating their performance towards the realization of their desired lives, I took the pivotal decision to step away from the corporate landscape.

In pursuit of my newfound passion, I assumed the role of International Division Manager at the London office of Landmark Worldwide, a globally esteemed personal development and training organization. Within this capacity, I provided performance coaching to a diverse cohort of over 100 individuals spanning across Europe.

My pursuit of a career that authentically serves my life's purpose compelled me to leverage every facet of my capabilities, experiences, fervor, mission, and inherent strengths. It was during this transformative journey that the confluence of factors led me to embark on the vocation of personal brand consultancy, specifically tailored for accomplished women within the professional sphere. Subsequently, I attained my inaugural certification in personal brand consultancy, a credential acknowledged on a global scale, paving the way for the establishment of brandyMe.

Why Personal Branding?

I firmly believe that the most effective way to uncover the unique gift individuals bring to this world is through personal branding. It's with this conviction that I founded brandyMe Personal Brand Consultancy, the first of its kind in Turkey, exclusively offering personal brand consultancy to women in the business world.

With the mission to spread the power of personal branding to a wider audience and institutions, I established Turkey's first and only Personal Brand Academy. This institution aims to foster a culture of personal branding awareness in the professional sphere.

In pursuit of this goal, the Personal Brand Academy has become a platform where hundreds of individuals embark on their career journeys by creating personal brand awareness. We feature inspiring personal brand stories from pioneering entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, NGO leaders, and business professionals, while personal branding experts share their strategies with hundreds of individuals. This platform has given rise to Turkey's sole Personal Brand Summit, a leadership initiative I have spearheaded since 2021.

Through these endeavors, my commitment remains unwavering in advancing the cause of personal branding and empowering individuals to unleash their unique gifts and talents upon the world.


My mission

I firmly hold the belief that the most precious asset an individual possesses, one that cannot be taken away, is who they are at their core.

My mission is clear and resolute:

To empower the women I collaborate with to unveil their most unique, authentic, and impactful selves, enabling them to make a meaningful contribution to the world. Moreover, it is my unwavering commitment that the contributions they make are reciprocated in both tangible and spiritual terms, aligning with their life journeys and aspirations.

For it seems that while we excel in creating value, we may not always be as proficient in reaping the rewards our contributions deserve.


As someone who has pursued education across four countries, attended four universities, and engaged in five different academic disciplines, I proudly hold the title of President of the "Never-Ending Learners Club."

My academic journey began at Dokuz Eylül University, where I excelled in the English International Relations Department, consistently earning a place on the high honors list and graduating with honors. Simultaneously, I pursued a second major in English Business Administration, with a particular focus on marketing. During my undergraduate years, I had the privilege of participating in the Erasmus Student Exchange Program, which took me to Maastricht University in the Netherlands, where I received a full scholarship to study in the European Studies Department. My fascination with the unity of nations, transcending borders and cultures, has been a lifelong passion, and I continued to pursue this interest by securing another scholarship to complete my Master's in International Relations and European Union Politics at the Centre International de formation Européenne.

Finally, recognizing the importance of creating initiatives that benefit society, I concluded my educational journey (for now, at least) by completing the Social Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Oxford. I am a firm believer in the power of education to drive positive change and am eager to apply my diverse academic background to make a meaningful impact.


Social responsibility

My greatest passion in life is to create a world where women and children can feel free and empowered. It's a world where women harness their full potential to pursue their dreams and where children are accepted and understood just as they are.

Taking matters into my own hands, I initiated the "She Can Do It!" volunteer mentoring program, which consists of expert mentors. Through this program, I have empowered numerous university students to realize their potential and take steps towards their dreams. Building on this initiative, I organized the "We Can Do It!" fundraising event, which included the Boğaziçi Youth Choir under the Boğaziçi Jazz Choir, and the proceeds were dedicated to providing education and language scholarships to university girls.

I have also volunteered as a mentor for young girls at TurkishWin. During the pandemic when children were confined to their homes and struggling with social isolation, I organized the "Every Child is a World Festival" on an online platform, enabling children aged 6-10 to have fun and socialize with their parents. The proceeds from this event were donated to children affected by the earthquake in Izmir.

At the Bizbizze Women's Support and Idea Association, I provided mentorship for female entrepreneurs. I have conducted personal branding workshops at universities like Yeditepe, Dokuz Eylül, and Hacettepe, assisting young individuals in positioning themselves for success in their careers from an early age.

Regularly, I've brought women from diverse fields of the business world together in Istanbul and Izmir through the "Every Woman is a Brand Network" events, benefiting Koruncuk and the Teacher Academy Foundation.

I've also devoted time to train young girls affected by earthquakes in a personal branding acceleration program at Galatasaray University.

Currently, at Hackquarters, I continue to provide training and mentoring in personal branding for female entrepreneurs. My dedication lies in empowering and uplifting women to discover their unique strengths and build their personal brands.

My Greatest Luxury

Being in places I love, surrounded by people I cherish, and engaging in work I'm passionate about is, to me, the greatest luxury in life.

It's a lifestyle that allows me to contribute to individuals and groups I value, believe in, and choose to support.

In a way, I strive to ensure that all the women I work with can have access to

this luxury.

I consider myself fortunate because I've been able to achieve this by first creating my own personal brand.


"Being Seen is NOT
About Showing Off!”

We all come into this world with our unique qualities, but as time goes on, we tend to forget who we are and how truly special we are.

This is especially true for us women...

Despite being highly educated, experienced, and skilled in our professions, we often hesitate to step into the spotlight until we feel absolutely perfect.

The most challenging part of my consulting sessions is often the quest to discover the answer to the question, "What are your strengths?"

We fear appearing showy or boastful.

And then, in our professional lives, we find that we may not receive the recognition and rewards we deserve, both financially and emotionally.

Despite our deep passion for making a difference and leaving an impact, our reluctance to step forward has consequences not only for ourselves but for the world as well.

Let us always remember that:

"Being seen is not about showing off!"

It's Time to Shine!

My profession revolves around bringing forth the unique gift that women bring into this world, ultimately serving the greater good. I firmly believe that when we live as our true selves, the impact and difference we create can make this world a much more livable place.

That's why brandyMe and the Brand Women Leaders Network are not just jobs for me; they are a source of motivation that reminds me of who I am and why I'm here, something that eagerly gets me out of bed every day.

It's no (!) coincidence that my career journey has prepared me for this work from the very beginning.

Throughout my entire career, remarkable women have been the wind at my back (greetings to all of them!). From now on, my intention is to be the wind at the backs of other remarkable women.

"Each time a woman stands up for herself,

without knowing it possibly,

without claiming it,

she stands up for all women"

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